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We develop systems for our own services and for contract projects.

Team Structure

Team Structure
A mixed team of Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese will work on projects from Japan and India. Project direction will be done by a Japanese person, however there will be a bridge member who can communicate in English and Japanese.

Main Technologies Used

Programming Languages
Java, Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Swift, Typescript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
SpringBoot, Angular, PlayFramework, React, Django, Flask, WordPress, Rails
Docker, Terraform, GitHub Actions, CircleCI
MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora, DynamoDB, RedShift, Cloud Firestore, BigQuery

Project Examples

Contract Project

Development of Recruitment Website

Technologies Used: Java, PlayFramework, React, Next.js
We have developed a part-time job site for a major Japanese telecommunications company. There have been 360,000 jobs posted so far on the site. It features the ability to check reviews from senior workers. We used server-side rendering with Next.js for high performance.
Team Structure
Team Structure
English, Japanese
Contract Project

Development of E-Learning Website

Technologies Used: Angular
We developed front-end of an e-learning system run by a Japanese company that provides corporate training to over 3,500 companies a year. It is a service with various functions such as customization of training contents and a dashboard for progress management.
Using Angular, we created a web application that can be accessed from various devices such as PCs and mobile phones.
Team Structure
Team Structure
Japanese, English
In-House Project

Recommendation Engine

Technologies Used: Python, Serverless
We have created a recommendation engine which is part of our MLOps pipeline, that provides recommendations for jobs in companies based on a set of features. The engine is so designed that it updates on a regular basis based on the data collected by our team as a stream on a continous basis.
The engine is wholly deployed on a serverless framework and the models as well as database are updated internally with an in house developed GUI.
It is used by a host of agencies to recommend companies based on their specifications.
Team Structure
Team Structure
English, Japanese

Reasons To Improve
Your Skills


You can take out time to study during work hours

We hold in-house study sessions with other engineers and have a 20% rule, so you can study in areas that interest you.

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Members can easily consult
with each other

We have a morning meeting every day, so even small negative things can be discussed right away.

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So many opportunities to
practice and improve your skill

You can take part in more than one project, depending on your interest.

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Meet Our Engineers


Learning production level programming and diversifying
from only coding algorithms to developing complete integrated systems.

AI Product Engineer, working at Goalist for 1 year (since June 2021)
Skills before joining the company: Python, Embedded Systems and Robotics, Java
Skills after joining the company: Python, Embedded Systems and Robotics, Java, Android, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Google Apps Scripts
Goalist has encouraged me to go out and improve myself; both in my personal values, as well as technical ability. It is a place filled with opportunities and growth.

Automating Recommendation Engine MLOps, architecting infrastructure for new projects.

Product Engineer, working at Goalist for 5 months (since February 2022)
Skills before joining the company: Python, Typescript, Go, Rust, Kotlin
Skills after joining the company: Python, Typescript, Go, Rust, Kotlin, DevOps, MLOps, Site Reliability Engineering
Goalist has given me the opportunity to deploy experimental tech stacks to production, all the while providing immense support. Personal growth as well as professional, that's what Goalist is all about.

Developers Blog

Development team members share their knowledge obtained from their work.